The only available measure that can lead you to achieve your goals is consistent daily training.

Many players contact us saying that they are training but unfortunately they do not see the results they set for themselves.

Probably the reason there is no effect is inadequate training!

At present, professional football is associated with unbelievable intensity.

Once a very important statistic was the number of kilometers run by the player in the match .

Today, most coaches primarily pay attention to other statistics, including how many sprints during a match were made by a player with and without the ball, how many duels he won, etc.

Currently, the best footballer in the world, i.e. Robert Lewandowski, despite the fact that he is almost 33 years old and his greatest asset has never been speed, in order to reach such a high level he had to adapt to the intensity of the game in today's football.

In one of the last matches, Lewandowski made a sprint in which he developed an incredible speed of 34.6 km / h

All of this is the result of the hard work Lewy does every day.

If you want to reach even a similar level in the future to deal with the intensity at a professional level, you must start your training today and be incredibly persistent and patient in it!

If you do not currently have the option to buy an individual professional fitness training plan, we have an absolutely free training video for you based on how the Newcastle United team trains.

If you are really determined to enter the professional level, do not hesitate and start using it today!

Then it is worth taking measurements to assess your progress as well as you can record your training and present it on your profile on the portal to promote your skills.

If you decide to record and post your training sessions and matches on the portal, then if some scout becomes interested in you, seeing how you train and how you present yourself during matches, he can fully assess your skills and your chances of getting offers from the clubs significantly increase .

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