About us

We, the "Football Talents Tube" team believe, that if a lot of players were given a chance to

show thier skills before experts crew they could change their local fields to the biggest

stadiums in the world.


We, the people raised on playgrounds are wondering, where are the ideals taken form playground play.

In our opinion these ideals added to regular training is missing link in many players way of



We are truly beliving, that some players needed just a little advice from specialist to

move their careers onwards.


Our dream is situation, in which financial deprivation and spartan conditions are NOT the way

to close these careers, but a thing that gives further motivation to train harder.


The way to achieve that dream is to use the enormous power of Internet and huge popularity of

social media. The "Football Talents Tube" platform offers a way to promote players themselves

in new way before the expert crew from all around the world. This way is constructed using

some tricks and games which can automatically improve the skills of player.


"Football Talents Tube" is giving profits to both sides: the players and the experts.

Players can show themselves to experts and they can specify the skills of the player whitout

attendance on the match. The Key factor in this process is (potientally) unlimited source

of players which experts can choose from.


"Football Talents Tube" can give a way more to YOU! SIGN UP or REGISTER today!


"Football Talents Tube" shows that promotion of football(Soccer) skills can be other than

usual. We think that you don't have to start your career in big team with all the crew to chase

your dreams. We can provide an unique form of promoting your skills and entertainment,

which can be a factor in increasing your skills.