Instructions for users

How the site works???(for players)


We are welcoming you, the player on "Football Talents Tube".


If you are the PLAYER after login we can give you the chance of showing your talent before

experts form all around the World in unique THREE FOLDER FORMULA.


In your profile you can find folders:


- Matches

- Trainings

- Challenges


The "MATCHES" folder is for uploading videos from football matches where you were playing.


The "TRAININGS" folder is for uploading videos from your training specimen (either individual

or club ones).


The "CHALLENGES" folder is place for uploading videos with football challenges proposed to you

by "Football Talents Tube".


The number of videos which user can add to these folders is unlimited.


The "Football Talents Tube" team elaborate the THREE FOLDERS FORMULA so :


- The experts can specify your skill in most precise way.

- We can give a lot of fun in creating your own player profile.

- The wish of promoting your skill through fun and competition could be translated to

raising the player.


One of key factors in this FORMULA is to use rivarly between the users of the site.


Every player will be rated in five-star scale.


The ten (or more) of the best rated players will be displayed on main site of "Football Talents

Tube", which could be the another way to your dream team.


The player which will be on top of annual ranking will be given the incredible award.


The next factor of raising the player is possibility of consulting sessions in coordination with

world-class coaches, sport psychologists and dieticans which can be provided by our site.

-How the site works??? (for experts)


We are welcoming you, the expert on "Football Talents Tube".


If you are the expert, football scout or coach , after logging in we give you a way to work

without coming out of your house.


On our site you can find talented football(Soccer) players from all around the world,

presenting their skills in unique THREE FOLDER FORMULA.


The "Football Talents Tube" team has elaborated the THREE FOLDER FORMULA so you can specify

the skills of players in most efficient, precise way.


The first folder - MATCHES is place with videos of football matches with player.


The second one - TRAININGS is place with videos from player training (both inividual or in club).


The third one - CHALLENGES is place with videos of challenges proposed by our team to show you

the skills of that player in fullest.


The next thing you can find on our site is searcher of players with filters, so you can find

player by your own criteria.


The MOST crucial functionality of site is the PLAYER RATING SYSTEM. With this system the other

experts, or you can find your ideal player even faster. Additionally we, "Football Talents Tube"

will be displaying ten most rated players on our main site to show the most promising players.


You will be given the option of rating player by three criteria (you will be rating the folders

in player profile).


We advise you to not to rate hastily, because each of players folders can be rated ONLY ONCE.


If the player will catch your eye, you can subscribe his profile, so we can send you e-mail

notice when the subscribed player will upload a new video.


Also we included on-site communicator which you can use to contact the player(to create

cooperation, or to specify skills of player even fully in private).


In case of spam messages from the players, we the "Football Talents Tube" team decided that

ONLY EXPERT(you) can start conversation with players of his choose.



- How the site works??? (for sport psychologists and dieticians)


We are welcoming you , the sport psychologist/dietician on "Football Talents Tube".


As site oriented in raising and improving football players we couldn't forget about

your factor in the process of improving the players (as psychologist, dietician or coach)

by making chances to arrange individual sessions with you.


As "Football Talents Tube" team we want to expand the awareness about how important factor

in football player career is cooperation wtih YOU.


So after logging in we give you the chance to contact and start cooperation with wide number

of players form all around the World, so this can make your job easier.