One of the main reasons stopping you from implementing your plans is waiting for the perfect moment and striving for perfection in the here and now!

There are two thoughts in your mind:
"I'll start when I change the club to a more professional one"
I will start when I have more money etc.

Those who decide to start train like professionals expect everything to be perfect right away.

Remember that there will never be a right time to start, so you have to start right here and now!
Moreover, be aware that nothing will be perfect right away.

Therefore, perfection is not the key to success!
The key to success is that you always give 100 percent of yourself at all times!

Cristiano Ronaldo in one of the interviews said:

"I try to be as professional as possible every second of my life.

What's more, regardless of whether I train or am at the match, I always try to be the best, although it is not always successful because we are not machines.

However, the fact that I have always been 100% involved allows me to be sure in my mind I have always been the best! " 

If you change your mind and start to think this way, instead of staying still, you will start to achieve your goals step by step and go beyond the boundaries that were once insurmountable for you!

If you want your reality to change, first you have to change your mindset!

Get started and never give up!

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