Every football player, regardless of his age, asks himself what to do in order to reach the level he dreams of!

The answer to this question is easier than you think!
Every football player has strengths and weaknesses.
In addition, however, he has something that when he manages to train to perfection it can make him unique!

To explain to you exactly what I mean.
For example, Filippo Inzaghi had the gift of understanding the game of feeling the moment to be in the right place to score a goal.

He had no outstanding technique of strength or dribbling.
He had these aspects at a good level, but it was this instinct that I am talking about that allowed him to make a good career!

Each of you, if you dream of becoming more than just an amateur, must analyze your game and find that factor in yourself that can make you outstanding in some element and will be unique at them.

Then, once you discover it, it will be your job to work on that aspect and treat it as your greatest treasure!
By working on it, I mean constant training and improving every element that can improve this aspect of your game!
Club training, individual training, etc.
In addition, do not forget to improve other aspects, including elements that are not your strengths!

Remember that the most important thing is that you apply all this in training and matches and not just read the article.
Reading an article without applying it is pointless!
Write in the comment what aspect of skills is your treasure!


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