On the way to success, not only in football, one of the most difficult elements is not to give up without being sure whether our career is going in the right direction.
And from today's perspective, it is impossible to gain this certainty!

All you can do is just give everyone your all and trust the process!
 Even though sometimes it seems that it all makes no sense and is leading to failure, you have to work and not give up!

A perfect example that this is the only way is Fermin Lopez, a young Barcelona player who is currently an increasingly important element of the Catalan team!

Fermin was in the 3rd Spanish league a year ago and was rejected by the Polish Ekstraklasa club Raków Częstochwa.

The young Spaniard did not doubt for a moment that this was just part of the process and worked as hard as he could!
This attitude led him to play for one of the best clubs in the world and possibly the Spanish national team at EURO 2024.

A year ago he was rejected by a club from an average Polish league to now play for FC Barcelona!
It was all part of the process!
Never give up!
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