How is it that some players don't seem brilliant at the junior level, but still achieve a lot in football and build interesting careers, and others who have absolutely amazing talents and excel in their junior groups cannot exist at a professional level and in the end, instead of a great career, they play in smaller leagues?

The reason for this is that in senior football, the most important thing is effectiveness and how much you bring to the team as a player.

A good example of a footballer who was not turned into a star in the age of junior and then it turned out that he won almost everything in football is the FC Barcelona player Sergio Busquets.

Sergio played in the lower leagues until he was 20 until he met Pep Guardiola, who changed  position Busquets in the Barcelona reserve team from a forward to a central defensive midfielder.

It turned out that 20-year-old Busquets in this position fulfills its tasks perfectly.
Retrieving the ball, playing it in a small space and speeding up the team's actions, or securing players playing in attack.

The tasks that were performed by Sergio on the first throw were difficult to notice by the fans but when he was missing on the pitch, Barcelona suddenly stopped winning smoothly.

As it turned out after many years, this inconspicuous Busquets became the Legend of the great Barcelona, ​​even though he did not score many beautiful goals like Messi, did not assists like Xavi or  not dribbled like Ronaldinho, he just worked hard on the pitch all the time and was very effective in it !!

If you too would like to show such effectiveness in your position and give so much value to the team, you need to start working on certain aspects to achieve perfection in them.

First, analyze the following aspects of your game, then work on them until they are perfect!


An absolutely crucial aspect for a footballer.

Every scout, coach, agent or sporting director always watches first as the player controls the ball.

If this item in the player is not of a high level, the player is immediately crossed out!

So if you don't know where to start your transformation from amateur to professional then you should definitely start improving your ball control.


Regardless of what position you play, the key statistic is always the ability to win duels in offense and defense.

To do this, you need to work out at least 2 feints that will allow you to easily avoid the opponent, as well as speed and tactical wisdom in the positioning.


We have already emphasized many times in our articles how important this element is at the professional level.

If your physical and speed preparation is not perfect, even if all other skills are appropriate, you will not be able to cope with the intensity at this level.

However, if you are ready for hard training, this is an element that you can improve without any problems!


It is important that you are able to play at a similar level in every match without hesitation of form regardless of the opponent.

It is a matter of automatism, you have to introduce certain behaviors into your game on a subconscious level.

How to do it?
There is only one way to achieve this.
Hard daily and systematic training and regular weekly game with full commitment regardless of the level of the game always 100%!


This is an obvious element, but many players very often adapt to the rest of the team depending on the result, when the team is losing or leading, they just give up and don't play to the end.

You will notice that less ambitious players only fight when things are going well.

They do not take responsibility for the result on themselves and cannot be a leader.
This is one of the key mental aspects that scouts pay attention to!

If this article has convinced you that it is worth starting to improve certain elements and give yourself a chance for a career, contact us and we will try to help you.

Write in the comment which of these skills require the hardest work and a lot of training in your case and which are your strengths?

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