Many players train hard, but unfortunately they do not achieve success.

This is largely because their training is not professionally adapted to the requirements of football on a professional level.

The basic mistakes that players make are:
 - Inadequate intensity

- No differentiation of training

- Difficulty level does not change as the player progresses.

- Irregularity

- Trainings that have nothing to do with the professional level.

If you really dream about getting to the professional level and you want your hard work not to be wasted, the most important thing you need to do is start training not only hard, but so that your training starts to have an impact on your game in matches.

First of all, you need to start analyzing your game in matches and, based on what your coach says and your own analysis, find out what your weaknesses are and improve them.

However, it is crucial that your trainings are based on the professional knowledge of experienced trainers.

If you do not have the opportunity to train under the supervision of a good experienced trainer, of course, you can find knowledge on the Internet, but do it with full commitment and wisely.

The perfect example that the most important aspect of training is that what you learn in training must be applicable in the match is the Brazilian Ronaldinho.

The Brazilian football magician created his amazing dribbling and technique, as he says, mainly in the garden playing with his dog and on the pitch near the house where he worked every day.

As he said in one of the statements, the key thing was that he had a brother who was a footballer and constantly prompted and motivated him

The principle is simple, if something does not give the desired effect, you have to make changes and try again, not give up!

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