Every day when you watch football on TV or read on the Internet, a thought pops up in your head telling you that you should be a footballer too, and if only you could, you would do anything to earn money as a professional footballer.

However, after a moment of dreams, there are a hundred thoughts that say why it is not even worth trying!

These thoughts are the killer of your dreams, chances and hopes, that is FEAR!

Are you afraid to visit the local clubs and academies to ask if they will agree so that you can train with them?

You are afraid to start spending a few hours every day training because your friends will make fun of you, right?

Are you afraid to register on our portal and add training videos and matches every day, because someone might hate you and make fun of you on the Internet, right?

Are you afraid to invest some money in the journey to take part in the tests because what will others say if you fail?

Realize at last that it is fear that is holding you back, not all the other things you have been telling yourself!

It is known that no success will not come immediately and you will be met with rejection and some will laugh at you, but when you persevere, there will come a point where your skills will develop to such a level that you will start to be admired and the fear that held you back it will just disappear!

Zaidu Sanusi a boy from Nigeria who was unknown to anyone 6 years ago and no professional club in Nigeria wanted to sign him, at some point he decided to risk everything he had and, despite his fear, leave Nigeria for Portugal!

Was it easy for him?
Not because for a long time he traveled around the country looking for a club that would give him a chance!

Once the club was found, it turned out that he could train there, but he would not receive a salary for it.

Once again, despite the fact that he was afraid, he decided to take the risk.

As you probably know Zaidu Sanusi is a player of FC Porto today and plays for the national team of Nigeria.

He was successful, that's true!
But where do you think he would be if he was still driven by fear and believing the excuses that popped up in his mind?
He would probably still complain about his fate playing in the amateur league!

Therefore, if football is important to you and you feel that you can be a professional footballer, stop being driven by fear and move forward to make your dreams come true because no one will do it for you!

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