A football proverb says that in football there are players who play the piano and there are also those who have to bring it into the apartment.

I mean that in a football team you need stars as well as solid players with very good physical preparation who fight throughout the match.

I don't want to tell you that you can make a career in football without the technical skills of controlling the ball and understanding the game just by running.

I mean the fact that if you are a good footballer but you can't exceed a certain level of skill, you should do everything to keep your physical preparation, speed, strength, endurance at the top level because it can allow you to achieve a lot.

 And today we have 4 tips for you on what to do so you can play so that your game, no matter what minute of the match, is always at its highest intensity.

It will cost you a lot of hard work, in club training and, above all, individual training.
However, if you follow these tips, such preparation, combined with good football skills 100 percent, will allow you to stand out and receive offers from better teams.


If we want our body to be able to train at high speed throughout the match and reduce the feeling of exhaustion, we should provide it with high-quality fuel, which in the context of endurance and good physical preparation means a diet rich in carbohydrates, adequate hydration, eating meals rich in macro and microelements. If you lack knowledge of sports nutrition, you should seek advice from a dietitian, and if you cannot afford it, look for information on this topic individually in books and on the Internet.


The specificity of a footballer's effort differs significantly from that of a standard runner. Football is characterized by short, repeated accelerations and changes in running direction. In order to faithfully reproduce this during endurance training, instead of classic running at one pace for long distances, we should use intervals, i.e. short sprints / runs at 80/90% for relatively short distances with a small interval between repetitions.

At the end of the article, we will post a video with sample training sets.


A very important element of improving endurance is the economy of running, which is nothing else than reducing energy losses while moving on the pitch by, for example, improving the technique of running or lowering muscle tension. It is worth consulting our running technique with a trainer for motor preparation. This inconspicuous activity is able to significantly reduce energy losses, thus improving endurance.

This element is very difficult to correct yourself, so I recommend consulting a trainer who will help you with this!


To support our body even more during a significant effort, we can use all kinds of supplements that have a whole range of substances that help us perform long-term / intense exercise. One example is beetroot juice, which I mentioned in one of the previous articles, and if you haven't read it, use the search engine on our site and catch up.

The process of developing in this aspect will take a long time, but I assure you that it is worth making this effort because the effects you can achieve will be amazing and may be decisive whether you will be able to enter the professional level or be just an amateur forever.

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