Many of you are wondering what you should have to have a chance to become a great football player?
Do you need to have an agent?
 Do you need to join a great academy?
Do they have to call you a great talent from the beginning?
Or do you have to live in a rich country and have money for everything to develop?

None of these things !
You only need two completely different things!
Well, first of all, you need to have faith in yourself that you can do it and the determination to train hard!

Robert Lewandowski said from the beginning that he would be a professional footballer and even though he was rejected many times, it happened because he believed in it with all his heart and worked until the opportunity came!

Sadio Mane was born in one of the poorest places in the world, he had no football boots but he believed he could become a footballer and he focused on training and looking for opportunities instead of complaining and making excuses!

There are plenty of examples of footballers who overcame this type of adversity!
You can do it too, but first, instead of waiting for the magical power to help you, get to work!

Do you want to be a professional soccer player?
Write in a comment what you did today to get closer to this goal!
If you didn't do anything, write about it too instead of lying.
You're only lying to yourself, not to us!
Remember that in the end it's your skills on the pitch that count and you can't lyie there!

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