Regardless of what country you live in, as a football player you should ask yourself whether I am really doing everything to develop?
 Have I taken advantage of all the opportunities these world offer me?
Are you saying yes?

Ok, have you at least tried to follow the daily tips on the Portal?
Do you record training and matches to add videos to YouTube, Instagram or Tik Tok?

Do you save your match statistics?
Goals, assists, mistakes and then develop it all by training not only in the club but also individually?

Probably not many of you can say that you do all this.

Analyze it and change it.
Moreover, you must understand that by using the Internet you can use training and motivational materials for free, but you can also find agents for yourself.

The perfect example that it is worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by current times is Luis Felipe Bottaro.

Luis Felipe Bottaro Rojas (VEN/ITA) He joined MKP Szczecinek playing at the 4th League level in poland. Bottaro is a Venezuelan with Italian citizenship, born in 2004. Louis' last club before joining MKP was the Spanish TrivalValderas Alcorcón This team plays at the 5th level of the competition in Spain

Bottaro is an incredibly ambitious football player who, thanks to us, came to Poland to develop in this country and, step by step, reach the point where football will allow him to achieve success!
Luis comes from Venezuela, one of the poorest countries, and yet he keeps moving forward and does not give up, and we, as a portal, help him in this!

If you would like us to help you, do something!
Record videos of training matches, train individually, develop, first prove in the club you are in now that you are unique and then contact us if you want us to support you like Luis!

Thank you for your likes, shares and comments.
Write in a comment whether after reading this article you intend to do even more to develop as a footballer.

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