One of the worst decisions a young footballer can make is waiting idly for the chance he dreams of.

Unfortunately, however, many players do so.
Although they are aware that they have great talent that needs to be developed, instead of starting to train here and now, they are just waiting for someone who will suddenly appear in their lives and take them to a great club!

Ralf Rangnick, current Manchester United coach after joining the club said "Football has changed a lot in the last 10 years.
The game has become very physical, athletic.
The game now requires a lot more physical preparation.
The competitor must be perfectly prepared not only in terms of technique, but also in terms of strength, speed and endurance.
In addition, it has become more and more essential to constantly train your mind. "

Rangnick continued that due to these requirements, talent is less and less important, and what counts above all is hard work, and each day in which the player does not train and develop, brings him closer to losing the opportunity to rise to the professional level.

So if you don't want to miss a chance, stop wasting your time waiting for the miracle and the opportunities that will arise!
Start creating them yourself through hard daily work!

From now on, make a decision that you will use each day to become a better footballer through training!
Develop soccer technique, strength, speed, dynamics and decision making in the game.

You can do all of these things in individual training, and if you don't currently have a club, it's better to temporarily join a lower-level team to play and promote yourself.

What's more, the current possibilities offered by the Internet and portals such as FTT allow you to manifest your presence and show the whole world what you can do, and you only need to add video of matches and training every day and you are already watched by scouts from all over the world!

Every day you wait for an opportunity, instead of going to training and starting to create it yourself. Inactivity destroys your chance! Will you give up without a fight or will you start doing something about it?

Remember that nobody in the world owes you anything and you must take the initiative to show the world and people that they should give you a chance!

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