Rejection is definitely one of the most unpleasant feelings not only in a footballer's career but in life as well.

Probably many of you have experienced it more than once, thinking that the world is ending and your career and dreams of being a professional footballer will not be saved anymore!

Probably due to these negative feelings, most of you will give up your career and just let it go.

However, there will be a small part in this group that will still decide not to give up and fight for theirs to the very end!
Despite her sadness, disappointment and anger, she decides to draw conclusions, train more, train smarter and harder and try again!

For this little part that never gives up, I would like to briefly tell you the story of a French winger who played amateur at 24, worked in a butcher shop and 5 years later  was called up to the French national team !

We are talking about Jonathan Clauss who has made this extraordinary path!

Clauss started his career in the French Racing Strasbourg academy, but unfortunately the academy's coaches did not recommend him to the first team and he had to leave, which was an amazing disappointment for him!

18-year-old Jonathan at that moment thought about breaking up from football because he was very committed to development and was convinced that it was the end!

However, at the urging of his parents, he decided to try again, this time from a lower level.
He joined the local club Vauban Strasbourg and although the training sessions were held there several times a week and decided to take it more as a pleasure, he trained every day and did everything professionally.

After 3 years of playing as an amateur, he joined a semi-amateur German club from the 6th league.

He constantly trained professionally but also worked on his mentality, which resulted in a return to France and playing in lower-level clubs Raon-l'Étape, Avranches with the latter club reached the 1/4 finals of the French cup and attracted the attention of the club that had just been promoted to French League 2 Quevilly!

At the age of 25, he reached the professional level!

After a year of good play, he joined Arminia Bielefeld from 2nd Bundelsiga and it was a breakthrough moment!

After two years of very good play for Arminia where he was considered one of the best right-backs in the league, he joined RC Lens from the top league in France!

To everyone's surprise, Clauss played so well for Lens that he was recognized as one of the best right-back players not only in the French league but also in Europe!

At the age of 29, he was called up to the French national team!

Today Jonathan Clauss is 32 years old and is going to Euro 2024!
Do you still think that it is pointless to try and fight to the end?

If you work hard and wisely, constantly looking for new opportunities for yourself, you will finally achieve your goal!
Jonathan's story is just one of many that prove it!

Never give up !

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