Recently, we receive many questions from you, what elements should be included in individual training to be effective and allow you to develop properly.

We came to the conclusion, however, that there is no clear answer to this question because every player is different.

One player lacks physical preparation, another player should improve ball control and yet another player lacks coordination, strength, or dribbling.

If you want your skills to grow constantly, you need to learn to spot and analyze your mistakes and successful games.

After each game or training session, you need to get into the habit of analyzing your game.

Ask yourself and coach questions: 

1) What mistakes do I make the most often?

2) What skills do I lack to be even better in my position?

 3) What aspect of soccer skills is my weakest point?

4) What is my greatest advantage and how do I stand out from other players?

5) What can I do to generate better match statistics for the team, such as: Goals, assists, receives ball?

If you ask yourself and your coach these questions after each match and training session, you can easily create an individual training plan for the next week.

Former Bayern Munich coach, Jupp Heynckes, always repeated the very simple sentence as his motto: "If you don't do something correctly in training, you will definitely not do it correctly in the game."

If your goal is to develop step by step and strive to play at the highest professional level, from today you should remember Heynckes' words carefully and start analyzing your mistakes and asking yourself the above questions for good analysis, and then improve each day based on them on both club and individual training.

To make the analysis more accurate, I suggest you save everything and record all matches and training, if possible, and then add the video to the portal.

If any of you think that it requires too much work, I suggest you give up your dream of being a professional footballer and go to something else.

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