Gabriel Jesus road to Manchester City MOTIVATIONMONDAY#8

The story of this boy shows that everything is possible.                                   He lived in a very poor district of Sao Paulo where he had a problem with the football field so he played on the pitch belonging to the prison.

During the 2014 World Cup, he made extra money for painting streets and preparing cities for the World Cup.

Whatever the circumstances, he had great dreams and he believed in himself!

He worked harder in training than others and used every spare moment for the game to be better!

Today, after a few years from these events, he played in the championships for Brazil and every day plays in Manchester City, earning huge sums of money!

Let this story motivate you that it is worth dreaming to have ambitious goals and work hard!

That's why today, take on trainings and play at every possible moment to be better every day!

Record your workouts and throw them on the portal! Talent hunters are looking for you!

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Casting a video costs nothing and can change your life just like in the case of Gabriel Jesus!

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