You have probably heard the saying about learning from mistakes more than once.

Each of you knows this, and you have repeatedly tried to analyze your failures accordingly and profit from your mistakes.

The famous American neurobiologist Andrew Huberman decided to do a series of brain studies on this topic.

The research showed him that the brain grows much faster when you try to perform difficult tasks and then make mistakes.

Why is this happening?
When you try to do tasks you know, perform them at an intensity that you have dealt with easily, your brain will not feel the need to develop.
However, when you start to perform tasks that are at a higher level than they are today, your brain starts to release epinephrine, which is perceived as a signal to develop and learn new things or give up.

If at this point, despite the difficulties, you are able to not let go and concentrate on the correct execution of the task, the brain receives a signal that it is really important to you and goes into the intensive learning mode of new skills.

Research has shown that this principle is applicable in many aspects, including sports.

The result of these studies is the introduction of changes in training systems in the best academies and football clubs in the world, where today such an enormous emphasis is placed on constantly increasing the level of difficulty and intensity of training

So if you want your training, both individual and club training, to bring results, remember to constantly increase the intensity and difficulty of your training and not to get discouraged if you initially make mistakes, this process will lead you to the development of skills and what follows. as your career goes, it will gain momentum and it will develop.

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