Santi Cazorla, a former player of Arsenal and the Spanish national team in one of the interviews, said that he became a professional footballer a bit by accident.

Well, Cazorla started out as a junior at the tiny Covadonga club and probably no one would have heard of him, if not for the fact that at the age of 11 he suffered an ankle injury in the leading leg and when he could not play with his friends due to an injury, he decided to train the weaker leg individually.

When he returned from an injury and noticed in the game that the individual trainings had an amazing effect, and the fact that he can now play with both legs quite freely and it gives him an amazing advantage over the opponent on the pitch in the match, he decided to train for about an hour every day to develop a weaker leg.

Individual trainings helped so much that in one of the matches he was noticed by the scout of Real Oviedo, a club playing at the second tier in Spain.

Scout told Santi that he showed up to the game to watch someone else, but drew attention to him because he played very well with both legs and therefore he would be given the chance to play for Real Oviedo.

This situation shows that if you want to attract the attention of scouts, there are many elements you need to develop in individual training, but playing with both legs may be the key.

There are many ways to develop this element.
Below we will post a training video to help you!

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