Training in the club, individual training, playing match with friends, playing football with the dog.
It's too much ?

Do you think you could spend each day like that?

Most of you think it's not possible because so much training would hurt you.

From the very beginning, when the portal exists, we argue that in order to be successful in football, the day of most of you should be exactly as we wrote above in order to fully develop your talent.

Would you prefer to work in a factory for 12 hours?
These hard-working people do not complain that it is too demanding and impossible for them!

To be ready to training  so hard every day, you MUST LOVE TO PLAY BALL!

The perfect example that if you love football you can train and play all the time is the FC Barcelona player Pedri!

The 19-year-old has played a total of around 60 games this season, including the Spanish league, Euro and the Olympic Games!

When suddenly everyone started asking if he was exhausted because he did not have time to go on vacation, Pedri replied:

I don't need rest because I do the most beautiful job in the world, I just train and play football!

Then he added that, apart from the matches that he played during the season, he played many times with his friends and trained in the garden as he was doing when he was a child.

The example of this player shows that if you want to achieve something in soccer, you must truly love it in order to be able to train for many hours every day.

How is it in your case?
Do you think training in the club is enough?

Maybe you don't play and train in the club because you think that individual training alone will allow you to be a professional?

You will only be successful if you combine all these factors!
-Football training in the club.
- Individual training.
- Playing match with friends for fun.
- Playing with the ball in your spare time to improve your technique and relaxation.

If you are willing to sacrifice yourself so much for football then this is your chance and it's worth trying!

By the way, make sure you are not anonymous and have a chance to be promoted to professional clubs around the world.

Register on the portal for free and add videos from your daily training sessions and matches there.

On the portal, your videos will be watched and analyzed by talent scouts from all over the world every day.

Train yourself every day, develop yourself and have fun at the same time!

Remember that if you truly love football and it gives you joy, you will never give up!

Below we present training videos that will help you develop and you can use them in individual training.

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