Atletico Madrid is close to advancing to the semi-finals of the Champions League, although they do not make such big transfers as the top clubs, they are at the top of the Spanish league and the Champions League almost every year!

A huge credit for this goes to coach Diego Simeone.
Something that distinguishes this coach from others is the fact that his training sessions are so hard that before the player gets used to the intensity, he often vomits and faints.
However, years later, he usually recalls that such training allowed him to exceed his limits and reach a level he had never even dreamed of.
He realized that most limitations are primarily in the mind.

The training methods of this trainer are quite original, because he does not focus on making the trainings attractive for the players, first of all he wants to be effective and give results and victories.

His trainings are very intense and require a lot of concentration from the players
and commitment to the exercises performed, because it is a job for the players and they receive a lot of money for it.

Some players believe that training should be a fun way to spend time with their teammates, and if training individually they should have fun.

Remember, if your goal is to play at the highest professional level, remember that if you want to make regular progress, each training session must be a step outside your comfort zone!

Be aware that you only mature and reach the highest level when you overcome pain and push its boundaries!

It doesn't matter that physical training is not a pleasure for you, work regularly and do it to the maximum, because only then will you take a step forward!

If you're practicing coordination, do enough repetitions to get out of your comfort zone!
Even when I don't have enough strength, do a few more repetitions

If you practice dribbling and technique, don't stop at a few repetitions.

Ronaldinho, eager to develop his amazing dribbles, in addition to training in the club, he exercised in the garden with his dog as long as he could stand on his feet.

Ronaldinho didn't develop this technique during his exciting beach game as most people in the world think.

Therefore, if your trainings so far have not brought the results you would like, maybe they simply did not force you to overcome your own weaknesses!

If you are not ready for this approach to every training, do you really want to be a professional footballer?

Today on the portal we present you in the form of a video a set of exercises that will help you develop speed, physical preparation and technique.

Choose a few of the ones that are right for you and train them to the limit each time so that they will be perfected by you over time!

If you are starting out and want to reach your goal, never give up!

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