If you think that only you have doubts as to whether it is worth the sacrifice and the risk, be sure to read it!

You decided yesterday that you would do absolutely everything in your power to become a footballer!

However, the next day after the first really hard training session, you have doubts and start to wonder if all of this makes sense?
You dedicate your time and here is no guarantee that you will succeed!

You thought you would go to the famous academy, famous for its good training.
However, it is very far from home and you start to feel lonely and you are afraid that you will fail and lose your friends, girlfriend and many other people, you are here and they are there so far away from you.

You got the idea that you will go to another country for testing.
Even though you've checked everything and the process is fair, you have to pay for the trip and a few other things

You begin to doubt that you will go there and the tests will go wrong and you will lose the money that was a great amount for you.

Do you think that only you have thoughts like that and only you are afraid?

In one of the last interviews, the best midfielder in the world today, Kevin de Bruyne told his story relating to the beginning of his career

De Bruyne said that when he joined Genk at the age of 13, it was the most lonely and uncertain years in his life, where every day he was afraid that he would not succeed and that he wanted to go home due to loneliness.

De Bruyne said that on the one hand there was a great desire to build a career, and on the other hand, there was a longing with loved ones and fear of failure.s

However, as he said, his determination was so enormous that it won over fear.
And every time he felt bad he went to train and at the same time visualized himself who was successful and at the top.
This training, self-confidence and imagination allowed him to endure.

Finally, he added that if you are a young footballer and you are going through a crisis and doubts then you must know that everyone has fought against it, even those who are at the top today.

Remember these words of an outstanding footballer, get to work and never give up!

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