Most of the young people who dream of a football career suffer from the same problem, i.e. the lack of patience that most of them lead to abandoning their dreams and resignation.

They expect results immediately, not necessarily being ready to devote themselves 100% to career development.

Contrary to appearances, the hunger for success and the desire to achieve something faster is not a bad thing if you are willing to work even harder or risk and look for better training means or better methods to promote yourself in the football environment.

It's no secret that in order to exist in football, apart from hard work, high skills and a few other aspects, you need a bit of luck.

An example of the importance of luck is the story of Cristiano Ronaldo, who initially was not selected for Sporting CP because the club chose his friend but he knew he was no better than Cristiano and gave him a place.
On the other hand, were it not for his hard work and determination to seize the opportunity, luck would have gotten him nothing.

If you belong to people who are determined and willing to work hard, and at the same time you are ready to do anything to speed up this process, we have 5 aspects for you that you need to pay attention to.


If you expect results as soon as possible, you absolutely must be systematic in action.

If you are starting the process of individual training to develop specific aspects of your skills, or if you are taking action to promote you in the football world so that you are noticed by good teams, be absolutely systematic and persistent!

It cannot be that you start training, you work for a month and then, due to the loss of motivation, you suddenly take a break and the same with promoting yourself.

It cannot be that, for example, you add a few videos to the portal or you go to tests once and then a sudden break!
Regularity and persistence are essential if you want success as soon as possible!


Another key to faster progress is the systematic and thorough analysis of your game and your career situation, and then making changes that will fix the bugs!

Remember that if your actions do not give the results, analysis and changes are necessary, otherwise you will get stuck!


Nowadays, thanks to universal access to the Internet, you have access to an unlimited amount of knowledge.

You can watch and analyze the game of the best in the world, you can learn about the training methods that led them to the top, you can learn about their path to absolute success and try to go this way!

Why haven't you done it yet?


If you want to achieve something yourself, you are just wasting your time unnecessarily!
There is probably someone in the world who has already solved this problem and would be happy to help and advise you!

Do you want to raise your skills?
 Probably someone knows better than you how to do it.

Do you want to get the opportunity to test in a good club, but you do not know if you are ready for it and you do not have contact to organize it?


There are people in the world who will be happy to help!

Do you want faster results?
Find Experts!


Sometimes it seems there is no way anymore to do something faster and better!

However, take into account that the world is big and many people have the same problem as you and someone else has found a new, unknown solution that you had no idea about!

Sometimes you have to be the first and take a chance!

Are you looking for ways to promote yourself and get noticed by good teams, but you can't go to the tests?
Or maybe it's worth the risk and start using the FTT portal on a regular basis?
You have the opportunity to be one of the first to succeed!

You want to achieve your goal faster, do you not be afraid of taking risks and using innovative ideas!

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