Among the hundreds of thousands of players who dream of making an international career, everyone is looking for ways to stand out and get their chance. Many players look for shortcuts to clubs through management agencies and private contacts, or less honest players try to unfairly redo their videos in order to appear to be much better players than they really are and thus receive contract offers.

However, on the portal, we encourage you to follow a path that may not be easy and fast but will be fully honest and if you give your best it can take you very far.
If you train hard every day to systematically improve your skills and step by step you move forward, the key element that will be noticed by the scout and distinguish you from other players is 100% commitment to performing your tasks on the pitch at every moment of the match regardless of the result and the attitude of the rest of the team.

It's pretty obvious that if you want to stand out you always have to play 100 percent, but most players tend to adapt to a bad team when a team is not playing well and give up as well.

And this is a big mistake nowadays because scouts currently rely on the statistics of individual players and analyze not the results of the team but the effectiveness of actions and the value that the player adds to the team.

Therefore, focus on giving value to the team and always be committed to the maximum regardless of the circumstances.
A perfect example of such behavior is the star of English football, Wayne Rooney, who theoretically, as it was until recently believed, had fanned out to the US to play MLS just to earn money and not strain.
Rooney with one action in the last seconds of the match, in which he first took the ball from the opponent, chasing him with a full sprint all over the field, then made an assist and won the match for the team, showed that no matter what league you play or at what stage of your career you are always you must do your best and never give up!
A video of this action can be found below. If you are registered on our portal to become a professional footballer in the future, follow Rooney's example and be 100% involved in every training and match regardless of where you are now and the results will appear.

To show your talent and commitment, record your matches and training every day and our scouts will contact you if they think you can make a big career.

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